Solution for all kind of Shoes, Sneakers, Handbags, Travel Bags and Leather article under One Roof

Broken Sole / Rubber Sole Protection / Leather Sole

We restore broken soles (half or full) and give shoes the longer life providing it the look as it appeared to you for the first time.


Few people have unique sizes but do not wish to opt for Customize shoes.. Bring the smaller size to us we will strech them to fit to your feets

Shine, Polish & Color Change

Shining shoes always attract eyes, we make them shine with all respective variations.. Natural/ Brown/ Black….

Insole rectification

When the interior of your shoes wears out before the exterior, extend the life of the shoes by replacing the insole. Another benefit to replacing an insole is that it will ensure maximum comfort, since the cushioning of an insole plays a key role in how comfortable a shoe feels. Wearing shoes with a new insole can be especially important for athletes, whose feet can take a pounding. In addition, replacing insoles can often combat the foul odor associated with well-worn shoes.

Broken Heel Repair/ Heel Cap Replacement

A broken heel is the number one reason women discard their old shoes. But really, you don’t need to toss a favorite pair just because the heel is in bad shape. If the heel of your shoes have worn down or are detaching from the shoe, we are the solution.

Shoe Fresh / Dryer / Sanitization

If you suffer from nasty fungus that cause toenail infections or Athlete’s foot you may want a machine that offers more than just drying your footwear.
Shoe fresh is a shoe dryer that dries your shoes with heat and disinfects with ozone.
By employing two techniques, ozone (O3) and fans distributing heat, it promises to be more effective in killing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus.

Stitching / Sticking Work

We take care of any stitching and sticking work of sandals / leather articles (let it be shoes, hand bag or jacket)


Bored!!! With the same pattern but do not wish to change the nicely fit shoes… not an issue at all ……..we can Beautify Your Shoes by many Ways using Fun Bling, Paint, Fabric & Other Embellishments.

Boot Repair

Bring us your loved but lifeless boots and we will give life to them with our services.

Other Services Includes :

  • Shoes & Bags Color Change
  • Dust Cleaning (Shoes / Handbag / Travel Bags)
  • Sports Shoes Washing
  • Leather Heels
  • Foam Rubber Heels
  • Cowboy Boot Heels
  • Buckle & Button Fixing
  • Work Boots
  • Casual Shoes
  • Leather Insole
  • Stain Removal
  • Lower Heel Heights
  • Zipper Fixing
  • Purse Redressing
  • Stitching/ Rip Work