Are you able to Create a web page Without Buying a name that is domain? The High Cost Of “Free”.

Recently I received a message from the visitor asking if it absolutely was possible for him to generate a site without purchasing a domain name. This informative article tries to respond to this, as well as on the real method, attempts to make clear a misunderstanding about producing sites that always accompanies such a concern.

The Brief Response

The answer that is short the real question is “yes”. You should certainly see the answer that is long. The devil is within the details.


Judging through the method my visitor asked issue, he probably did therefore after reading the articles “How to Create / Start a web page” and perchance additionally “just how much Does It Cost to set a Website up?”.

That you have some basic knowledge of what “domain names” and “web hosts” mean if you have not read those articles, you may want to at least read the Beginner’s Guide since this article assumes.

What are the results If You Do Not Have A Domain Title?

Some internet hosts, primarily free internet hosts, permit you to create a webpage even although you do not have a website name. To accomplish which they develop a subdomain that they keep company with your internet site.

For instance, if your online host is “” ( maybe not just a real webhost), they could produce a subdomain called “” used for the internet site. Site Visitors typing “ this is certainly.example can become at your site. It’s not necessary to purchase this kind of subdomain title, because you do not really bought it; the net host owns “” and certainly will produce and delete whatever subdomains they want.

The Tall Cost Of Complimentary (Sub) Names Of Domain: A concept From History

There was a huge cost connected with maybe perhaps maybe not spending money on a website name. Continue reading “Are you able to Create a web page Without Buying a name that is domain? The High Cost Of “Free”.”