BetStars, sister manufacturer of renowned internet poker site PokerStars, may be a relative newcomer to the internet sports betting area, but in only a few short years it’s effectively closed the gap between itself and the giants of the European sports booking industry.
With the introduction of BetStars NJ on September 13, 2018, it starts down a trip to acquire the exact big-name status here in the states. BetStars NJ is your New Jersey sports betting arm of The Stars Group (TSG), also represents an extension of TSG’s gaming partnership with Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. The book’s launching in New Jersey includes a mere four months after the U.S. Supreme Court pulled the plug on PASPA, monitoring the debut of first inspector DraftKings Sportsbook by about six months.
The expected sports gambling app lives up to its namesake in many ways, but for every 2 pros there’s a con. The app’s proprietary stage is in many ways second-to-none, including tons of account management features, cool innovations, and top-notch integration with all the TSG’s present NJ online poker product. BetStars NJ is also an innovative app, offering players experiences they just won’t find elsewhere. Bet variety? Solid cashiering? Great promotions? BetStars NJ has everything.
Yet, less than stellar pricing in areas, lackluster support, along with an occasionally dizzying user interface rips down the book a peg. There’s still more good than bad, but a little refinement may be in order.
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Deposit Bonus Up to $500 in free bets
Atlantic City Partner Resorts AC
Online Since 2018
How it works
BetStars has taken a traditional route with its welcome bonus, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The site supplies a complete refund up to $500 on a player’s first bet, pending that wager loses. If the bet wins, players will get whatever they are owed in accordance with the likelihood, but will not lock down a bonus. Liken it to a freeroll.
There are a couple caveats worth knowing about, most of which don’t diminish the offer. For one, the free wager can only be employed on straights and parlays. Spin & Bet and round robins are not eligible.
Additionally, players who made their first deposit with Neteller or Skrill aren’t eligible for the offer. This is a very odd nuance, and one that could go easily overlooked without previous knowledge. On the plus side, it doesn’t seem that there aren’t any chances limitations tied to this free bet. So if you want to play it safe and bet on a heavy favorite with -500 chances, don’t hesitate to do this — only know that just the winnings from free stakes will land on your cash balance, and not the free bet amount itself.
What is particular about BetStars online sportsbook?
Great (and numerous) promotions: Barely anyone does promotions very like BetStars NJ. From simple matched free stakes, to large brand new player sign up bonuses, and a variety of creative one-off events, there seems to always be numerous offers running, a lot of which can be piled, and all of which provide good value for deal-seeking bettors.
Innovation: BetStars NJ offers various innovative performance. A number of its creations, such as”Cash Out” can be found at some other NJ online sports betting sites, while some, such as Spin & Bet and Odds Boost Stacks are special to the operator.
Integration: The BetStars NJ program is closely connected to the popular PokerStars NJ online poker program, and stocks a pocket with the same. We’re expecting TSG to proceed even farther here, integrating its online casino as part of this program, and tying together PokerStars NJ and BetStars NJ on desktop.
Bet variety: BetStars NJ might not have the most bets of any operator, but it still offers a ton, one of those creative multi-part props that frequently receive boosted odds. This, along with the creations BetStars NJ brings to the table, introduces a level of fun that is absent on more traditional NJ online sports betting sites.
What’s not so special?
Some of the lines on single-game bets are not great.
Weak prop gambling.
No PayPal … yet.
BetStars NJ Sportsbook: Software photo The BetStars NJ program looks and works about as well as one might expect from a business famous for its cutting-edge and proprietary gambling platforms. Well, maybe nearly as well.
Upon logging it (or just opening the app), players will be treated to a homepage that highlights the programs best promotions, its popular bets (broken out tabularly by game ), and a few featured”Odds Boosts”. Additionally, there are sections for trending bets and current in-game bets. It is all very nicely laid out, effectively packing a great deal of info to a tight area without placing too much strain on the eyes.
BetStars NJ App Homepage
Aesthetically and this is a gorgeous app, with a vibrant yet readable colour scheme, plenty of graphic icons, which amount of responsiveness TSG products are known for. Account management attributes — and there are lots of them are neatly tucked away in an easily reachable side-menu, while key markets are recorded horizontally at the peak of the screen. Additionally, players may quickly access PokerStars NJ in the app, with the duo sharing a common wallet. Cashier accessibility, promotional tabs, and consumer customization settings are a click away. In terms of whistles and bells, players will not find better than BetStars NJ.
There are a couple drawbacks. On occasion, we discovered that gambling options for individual games/matches were slow to load, or didn’t load at all. A simple refresh generally fixed the issue however. Furthermore, the app is somewhat unwieldy is spots. Finding a market, and straight stakes within that market is really a breeze. But the bets for a single game are all sort of merely lumped together, sometimes making it hard to locate a wager of your liking. It’s fine for less popular contests, but for instance, and NFL sport, filters would be fine.
Otherwise, BetStars NJ does an admirable job of group futures bets, along with the combo of the Calendar and Highlights tabs works superbly for bettors looking to plan out some higher value bets.
The significant no-no at launching was that BetStars NJ was originally only available for Android powered apparatus, with iOS and pc access added afterwards. We are pretty sure this is a reflection of everybody rushing to market in time for NFL Season 2018-19, and subsequently releasing products that are imperfect. This black mark was addressed with BetStars NJ now on the appropriate platforms.
Depositing and withdrawing at BetStars online sportsbook at NJ
As a result of its integration with the PokerStars NJ platform, BetStars NJ did not begin from scratch with its own hive, and it reveals. There’s a robust selection of safe and reliable depositing and withdrawal options listed on the app, with the sole noteworthy exception being PayPal, but that is supposedly coming shortly. Once it does, BetStars NJ will rank up there with Play SugarHouse Sports as supplying the ideal payment processing rollout from the biz.
ACH (eChecks) Yes $10
Visa/MasterCard Yes No $10
PokerStars Play+ Yes Yes $10
Neteller Yes Yes $10
Skrill Yes Yes $10
Online Bank Transfer Yes No $10
PayNearMe Yes No $10
Cash @ Resorts Cage Yes $10
BetStars NJ will conveniently save the most recently used deposit procedures, allowing bettors to place subsequent deposits much faster than they would be able to otherwise. Deposits generally validate inside a blink of an eye, quicker than on any other app we have played .
1 little drawback is that BetStars NJ sets first deposit limits fairly low. Being limited to between $500 — $640 per $ and $2,000 per month for most methods feels a little too restrictive. High rollers are probably best off using Skrill, which puts a $15,000 monthly limitation, or of going down to Resorts AC, where they can deposit up to $30,000 a shooter ($100,000 monthly limit). Of course, players may also ask increased limitations, and support will generally oblige, pending all of their previous deposits processed.
What are the traces such as at BetStars NJ?
Players looking for consistently great lines throughout the board may be mildly disappointed by BetStars NJ. While its NFL point spreads and totals are usually par for the industry, the cash lines we detected so far for MLB, NFL, and other sports are still pretty mediocre: On average, they are still a signal better than the currency lines posted on DraftKings Sportsbook, however amounts worse compared to FanDuel Sportsbook and Caesars.
This is not to mention BetStars NJ is devoid of top value chances, far from it. Besides myriad promotions, many of which considerably fortify a participant’s expected value, the program will sometimes post a very competitive pre-game currency line. So keep an eye out. Not to mention, players who like to roll the dice on fancy prop bets, will frequently get to do so on BetStars NJ at better odds, as a result of the app’s Odds Boost innovation. And we can guarantee you that Odds Boosts aren’t just a once-in-a-while gimmick. No, rather it looks like all major market games include a variety of these low juice wagers.
Frequent old fashioned bets are probably best avoided since the lines on even odds outcomes generally hover round -120, which is not great. And in-game chances are predictably worse than their pre-game counterparts, but not by any substance degree more than they are on many other NJ online sportsbooks.
Key markets
BetStars NJ is now just a tiny light on markets, but predominantly, are the rest of the NJ industry’s sports gambling apps. Instead of the 25+ markets available on BetStars’ global supplying, in New Jersey we get 10 to start:
Basketball (including NCAA)
Football (including NCAA)
Motor Sports
Football (multiple championships )
Bet variety at BetStars online sportsbook
BetStars NJ may be a small light on markets, but it nearly makes up for it by offering an array of bets within each current market, a few of which are presented via betting formats which can’t be enjoyed elsewhere. Does it match the many bets of any NJ online sportsbook? No, definitely not, but it at least ranks near the middle, and particularly excels in the soccer market.
Concerning betting formats, BetStars supports the majority of the conventional fare including direct bets, totals, futures, parlays, and props. Surprisingly, teasers are not available on the site. To us, this indicates that BetStars perhaps hasn’t fully adapted to the NJ marketplace, as teasers are primarily connected to popular American sport such as soccer and basketball.
Also, players large on betting props might be mildly frustrated, as while BetStars NJ does offer a wholesome variety of vague team and individual stakes, that number remains less than half what we’ve observed at other novels.
In-play, a gambling format where bettors can place wagers on a game in-progress, is all of the rage of late. So it was little surprise to locate the alternative featured front-and-center on the BetStars NJ app.
BetStars NJ does a serviceable, but barely mind-blowing, job with in-play. Technically, everything seems around snuff, with bets updating fluidly, and the host responding swiftly to in-play wager asks, so much sothat there wasn’t really a question of whether we’d be closed out of a line.
Yet, for a European operator using oodles of cash, we just expected a bit more variety. In fairness, for the bigger contests the app will not offer a decent swatch of in-play options, and we’re certain that amount will improve even further over time, however, the ordinary contest might only support half-a-dozen in-play bets or less. Better than nothing, but hardly enough to distinguish BetStars NJ from the pack.
Cash out
As a result of the cash out feature on BetStars NJ, players now have a valid approach to quickly govern their hazard. Cash out works pretty much how one might anticipate, granting players the choice on direct and championships (pre-game and live) to Get Out Of Dodge, so to speak, locking up less money they would if they won, but more than they would if the wager was dropped.
The precise amount of a cash out is a reflection of their original bet dimensions and the present in-play odds. As an example, if the Philadelphia Eagles are ransacking Atlanta Falcons 35 — 10 at halfway, and you bet that the Eagles, nicely out a cash will likely pay close to the figure if the wager was really won. Flip the script and you may find a few bucks back for every hundred .
Spin & Bet
What would a Stars app be without some sort of slot machine mechanic?
Spin & Bet is ideal for action junkies that don’t mind giving up a little for the chance of winning a lot. How it works is that players allocate 10% of the wager to the fates. Then, BetStars NJ decides via RNG if the remaining 90 percent of the wager will obtain an improved payout, should it win. A little less than half time (47.7percent ) it won’t, but the other instances, it is going to be given a bump between 1.2x and 10x.
Obviously the likelihood of hitting a high multipler are significantly lower compared to a smaller augmentation. As an example, the odds of landing on 1.5x are a decent 7.5%, but gamers only have a 1 in 1,000 chance of scoring that elusive 10x multiplier.
Give BetStars NJ credit for implementing a feature that introduces an additional element of fun to sports gambling, which generally will see players exchange 10 percent of their wager for augmented payouts over half of the time — not bad.
BetStars NJ promos
There’s not any additional NJ online sportsbook that does promotions as well as BetStars NJ. Beyond its successful welcome bundle, the program offers players a large number of ways to boost their chances of success. Its promotional vehicles run the gamut from small on-the-fly bonuses, to season long events designed with maximum perspiration in mind.
Here’s a Fast glance of the Kinds of promos players can anticipate on the regular:
Matched free wager: Bet a certain amount, receive a free bet in compliance with the dimensions of the initial wager. As an example, BetStars NJ rolled out a voucher at launch where players could get a $5 free wager on their initial $25 at wagers, weekly. Expect more of those simple, yet abundant, promotional types later on.
Deposit bonus: Deposit a certain amount and get a percentage bonus, capped at a specified amount. Usually comes affixed using a modest wagering requirement.
Odds Boost: More often occurring event than promotion, BetStars NJ often grants players greater odds on an array of prop bets for popular contests. Be on the lookout for the red fire emblem beside an occasion, as that indicates Odds Boosts stakes are readily available.
Super Boost: Much like Odds Boosts, except tailored toward gamers. Instead of winning improved payouts on straight bets, players that opt-in to Super Boosts will net a larger score whenever they strike a parlay.
Past the above, we’ve also seen the occasional high-value one-off. A fantastic example would be 100/1 Super Bowl Winner, which offered players 100/1 odds on the first $5 of a Super Bowl prospective wager. That is a fairly major deal considering several teams were recorded at 10/1 or better, opening the door for players to win over 10x what they’d normally.
Loyalty program
It was recently announced that PokerStars NJ will be transitioning from its existing VIP program, and we expect BetStars NJ to perform the same. In its stead will be Stars Rewards, a loyalty program that tailors rewards around how players bet, across all TSG solutions.
At its heart, the program is based on bringing enough rewards points via real-money perform to fill up a progress bar and earn a Chest. In the Chest is going to be a swatch of personalized rewards, which might comprise StarsCoin (which will be the organization’s virtual currency), free play, and other prizes.
But let us step back for another, as saying that the benefits are fully personalized would be a bit of a misnomer. On the contrary, it’s more of a personalized range of rewards, together with the exact prizes inside that range determined by opportunity. There are six levels of Chests, ranging from a Red Chest, which may hold up to $50 in rewards, to a Platinum Chest, which is possibly worth $1,000. But, winning the most total is just 1 in 10,000 crapshoot. More generally, Red Chests will probably be appreciated at a under per year, and even Platinum Chests will only be worth $62 or less 95 percent of their time, with added featured rewards (that are offered frequently ) bolstering the ordinary prize amount.
To be able to earn Chest updates players will have to first win four Chests a day. They could ease the process of earning updates by applying Boosts, which twice the rate at which rewards points are earned. If this all sounds complicated, it is — or at least the internal workings are. But in terms of earning rewards, it is as straightforward as wagering real-money about the app and seeing exactly what you get.
We expect Stars Rewards to go live across all TSG products by the end of 2018.
Customer service BetStars NJ offers an array of support options, with a few being more useful than others. For the most common inquiries there’s a FAQ, which can be fairly well laid out and covers a diverse array of topics.
For players in need of more personalized care, their best bet might be to contact an agent via Live Chat. Wait times to get in touch with a broker were on the short side, however, answers often took some time, and we got the feeling which more often than not, support was not properly equipped to answer our trickier inquiries. But they were fine enough and did at least seem to be creating a solid effort.
There is also a contact service form, which seems to be bugged, as we weren’t able to utilize it. In concept, players may use this form to compose messages to encourage, which is responded to via email. Together with their message, gamers are encouraged to choose relevant categories and sub-categories, so that it’ll be easier for help to kick the question to the appropriate department, resulting in a quicker turnaround time.
BetStars NJ does permit players to call in straight. Rather they need to ask for a callback.
Overall, our support experience was a mixed bag, and we all anticipate somewhat better.
More about BetStars
Following Amaya’s acquisition of PokerStars in June 2014, the business started exploring opportunities out of poker, turning its attention partially to sports wagering verticals. In August of the next calendar year, the iGaming behemoth bought daily fantasy sports (DFS) site Victiv, afterwards rebranding it as StarsDraft.
The newly-minted StarsDraft had its own official U.S. launching in September 2015, competing with the likes of business giants FanDuel and DraftKings. Only 1 month later, but the business decided to restrict operations to just four states, citing regulatory concerns.
Following StarsDraft’s entry into the DFS marketplace, the company pushed forward towards offering full-on sports betting in jurisdictions outside of the U.S., in which the industry remained explicitly prohibited. While Stars had shot its first sports wager back in March 2015, it did not spin off its sportsbook as a standalone website until that November, when it bought the domain.
One month later, the performance went live, offering 23 betting markets, such as eSports. The website was initially powered by technology supplied by UK sports stage supplier Amelco.
True to form, PokerStars shortly began innovating in the space, launching a feature named Spin & Bet — a hybrid sports game which bore similarities to the favorite Spin & Go poker matches.
In addition, it started fusing poker with sports wagering, offering betting odds on the PCA Main Event final table and the 25K High Roller. Other innovations followed, such as BetStars Sports Jackpots, a mix between DFS and real money tournaments.
PokerStars launched its internet poker merchandise in New Jersey in 2016 via a partnership with Atlantic City’s Resorts. When sports betting was made legal in the state, it continued its connection with the casino, starting its BetStars NJ Android program on September 19, 2018.
PokerStars’ sports was the eighth sports gambling app to launch in the Garden State, also was a part of a flurry of sportsbooks to go during the time period.

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