Our First Impression Shows In Our Shoes

All leather articles (let it be a handbag, pair of shoes or jacket) needs regular repair in Dubai, which isn’t surprising considering the extreme heat and dust they need to contend with – but finding a good repair service in the city is easier said than done… We’ve spent hours trawling the old town and despite finding some talented cobblers, it isn’t convenient in the long run.

Aqua Star Shoes & Leather Trading LLC has been Created keeping your various loving articles in mind which you can’t let go just because they need some repair work. We provide complete clinical support to Formal Shoes (Male & Female), Sports Shoes as well as Leather articles which will give them the look which you always prefer to see on them.

Apparently Aqua Star has marketing strategy to reach out to the residents for providing their services and also trading in Customized shoes.

We are confident to

have the right assets and operational experience to meet your expectations and requirements. Our team here is working hard to reach a high standard of work across our range of services, it is very important to us to aim for a high standard wherever possible. Aquastarians reaches to the customer on the ground level and provide services.